The patellar distalization of mr. Kiss

The patellar distalization of mr. Kiss

“I had the same surgery as I had many years ago, but incomparable in quality of work”

Dislocated kneecap

Mr. Kiss: “I’ve had a problem with my knee since I was 13 years old. My kneecap was dislocated, it sat several centimeters above my knee joint. After many injuries I had surgery in Slovakia where I grew up, but this kneecap alignment surgery didn’t work out and after some years the problems came back again. Walking was okay but I couldn’t step on my left leg properly. Even basic things like walking stairs, running or jumping down from a bike were impossible. Fitness exercises where I had to bend my knee I couldn’t do. My knee really needed treatment

Very professional

In the meantime, I had moved to the Netherlands and when COVID came I had plenty of free time to find the solution. I went to my GP and showed my knee. He then gave me a few options and based on the reviews I read I chose for Xpert Clinics Orthopedie in Amsterdam. I called the clinic on Monday and got an appointment on Tuesday, amazing! Orthopedic surgeon dr. Bart Muller checked my knee and saw the problem: de patella was not in the right position. He sent me to have an X-ray and an MRI on Wednesday, results came back on Thursday. On Friday we talked extensively about de pros and cons of having surgery again. Dr. Muller was very professional and told me about all the risks. He gave me a week to think about it, the whole process was very careful. In the end I decided to do it, and I went for it.

I had almost no pain

In April I underwent the same surgery as I had many years ago, but incomparable in quality of work. The approach of the doctors, it all was totally professional. I had zero nervousness. Due to the size of the operation, dr. Muller operated on me together with drs. Daniel Hoornenborg. The post-surgery treatment was perfect too. I had almost no pain, which I didn’t understand; with 51 stitches in my knee this had been major surgery. I expected to be in much more pain, so this was amazing.

A big difference

Reading about this surgery I learned that the average recovery time is 6 to 12 months. But I started walking after only six weeks, it all went so fast. I have to give credits not only to the doctors, but also to Fysiomed Amsterdam. They did a great job with me and have really good quality of machines. The work of their physiotherapists is at top level. My therapist there helped me since the beginning when I wasn’t even walking. Now I can easily do exercises like squats and leg extensions, that’s a big difference. Having surgery at Xpert Clinics turned out to be the best choice of last year.”

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